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Ecstatic Dance

$25 per classFrom $25 per visit with Ecstatic Dance passNo purchase required to enroll
Ecstatic Dance is defined as overpowering joy and rapture in the Spirit, and a deep sense of well being. It is a dance of a sacred romance with the Divine, with Joy, and with Love itself!
Let go of all that is false, and surrender to all that is the truth!
Come warm up, burn calories, energize your body.
Uplift your mood, release stress, express your Spirit.
No structure, just a gentle letting go of your body. Allowing the Holy Spirit to Dance you.
This Ecstatic Dance class is Spirit centered, bringing "pure love" into our full awareness, consciousness. It is for anyone and everyone desiring to be grounded, focused, clear, and be at peace.
Join Nanette Victoria as she guide you through the passionate practice of Ecstatic Dance!