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Living Yoga Off The Mat: Meditation Workshop

$30 per classFrom $30 per visit with Living Yoga Off The Mat: Meditation Workshop passNo purchase required to enroll
Yoga has become synonymous with postures that we try on yoga mats, in a yoga class, and talked through by a yoga teacher.

The expanded teaching of Yoga is much wider than that, encompassing all elements of life. As we start to deepen our commitment with yoga we begin to see ourselves as a small, but beautiful part of the larger picture. This grand picture being life itself! Through our life experience we begin to learn about the ethics that come along with interacting with others and understanding our own human experience.

When it comes to yoga, the teachings of ethics is understood as the Yamas (social restraints) and Niyamas (self disciplines). These navigational tools are used to help us live a happy, healthy, mindful life!

You are invited to come learn about these teachings as taught through Patajilis, Yoga Sutras (threads of knowledge) guided by Marcia Valene. As an additional element to the event, Marcia will offer mudras (hand postures), that you can practice during meditation to deepen your connection to the Yamas and Niyamas.

This event is great for beginners that are just discovering yoga and those that are on the journey to build a better, more loving and understanding Earth.