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Benefit Dance

Benefit Dance Synced Fitness is an interactive, high-intensity, interval training workout driven by the science of synced music motivation and the joy of feeling free while dancing alongside others.

Inspired by Latin dances, hip hop, electronic, pop, and so many more, we seek to bring people together in a unique and fun way. This workout was designed to be a kick off tool for people seeking to begin their fitness journey in a lively, judgment-free, intense way. We achieve so by communal support and pushing each other to new limits by using our own body weight and training to the beat in a room full supportive individuals of all shapes and sizes, all within 60 minutes.

Along with others, you'll follow in fast-paced energetic dance, sweat while we break into group workouts, smile as you break free giving it all you got, and challenge yourself to a new level of breathing control, while learning to listen to your body even more. All benefiting your cardiovascular system and your mental health.