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Getting Back to the Root of it All

$30 per classFrom $30 per visit with Getting Back to the Root of it All Workshop passNo purchase required to enroll

Join Jen Lyons and Richard Gamble as they guide you in a grounding workshop focusing on the Root Chakra. What does it mean to be grounded?

Someone who is grounded has a sense of connection and support with the earth. This “support” may take many forms: Physical, energetic, and spiritual.Physically, grounding improves balance and movement when standing, sitting, or an inverted yoga pose.

Energetically, your connection to ground is largely responsible for your sense of safety and physical well-being. Being well grounded helps everything to run smoothly, specifically the relationships and energy exchanges between the different chakras.

Spiritually, we are suspended between the Divine and earth (ground), and the more even and steady our connection is, the more we can be spiritual beings who also are effective in the material world.

Living in the heart, from the heart is best served by a well established connection to ground and an upward spiritual and energetic connection. When we are grounded, balance in the heart is more easily maintained. In this workshop you will learn how to be more grounded, not only in your yoga practice, but also throughout your daily life.