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Yoga Wheel Playshop with David Martin • Fri, Mar 16 at 6:30PM

In this workshop we will explore a Hatha Yoga class where we will focus on key alignment points, some fundamental principles of yoga, physical and energetic benefits, and pranayamas (breathing techniques). We will first spend some time warming the major joints of the body as well as the spine, moving slowly and mindfully in and out of postures with plenty of holding and breathing time in the postures. Once we reach peak of the asana (posture) practice, we will be begin to slowly coast down into a deeper meditative Yin yoga practice where we will incorporate the Sacred 8 Yoga Wheels. David created and manufactures the Sacred 8 Yoga Wheels himself.

David will guide you through a beautiful sequence aimed at aligning, recalibrating and elongating your spine, while cracking your heart, hips and shoulders wide open. This will facilitate in release from muscular tension and stress, increased flexibility/mobility in your joints, deeper, relaxed breathing, better posture and overall health and wellness of the body and mind. A healthy spine = A healthy mind. Lastly we'll experience poses that provide a counter stretch to neutralize the spine, allowing for a balanced practice and deeper understanding of the joys of back bending before coming into Savasana. This practice is guaranteed to bring you into a deep connection of body, mind and breath that will facilitate in an enhanced sense of balance and wellness in the Self. This workshop is appropriate for those with beginner to advanced yoga experience.

All attendees will be provided a yoga wheel with option of purchasing one at a discounted rate as well.


$35 to attend the workshop

$50 to purchase a yoga wheel

$70 Combo

Cancellation policy  If you won't be able to attend, please remember to cancel.